Welcome to PickleballByYou

I’m Tim, the founder of this site, man, and when you come to this site I’m sure we’ve become friends, and you must want to make your pickleball paddles as unique as I do.

In 2022, I came into contact with pickleball for the first time. When I played for the third time, I thought that this huge solid paddle could do a lot of things. Can I print the photo of my dog Larry? Larry is my most loyal buddy and he will definitely make it easier to win! After I checked the material on the Internet, I found that the best material is carbon fiber. After I selected the core material and the surface material, I started to make it. I cut the carbon fiber board model, pasted it, and printed Larry’s photos. Finally, I installed it. The edge is finished, and the production process takes about a day. To be honest, it took a lot of effort to find the information. There is no complete customization guide on the Internet. I did the final design after searching and comparing the information on multiple websites. Later, I thought that there must be many pickleball players who have the same idea as me. Would it be a cool thing to make a unique racket website customized for everyone? So I set up a website dedicated to custom pickleball paddles together with John, who is engaged in the production of sports products. We will realize all kinds of interesting ideas for everyone. You can print any picture you like on the surface of the racket, and the material can be freely chosen. As a pickleball lover, we will make a first-class racket for you at a professional level, guaranteeing every detail. Can be designed by you!

Be yourself and let your pickleball paddles swing freely! 

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