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We are a global professional manufacturing company that makes pickleball paddles and balls, mainly provide pickleball supplies wholesale, pickleball OEM, pickleball paddle custom and pickleball gift manufacturing and sales services. Using state-of-the-art laser cutting technology and environmentally friendly materials that meet US standards to provide the best products for pickleball players.

Pickleball Product

We mainly produce pickleball paddles and balls. You can use our standard products or customize them according to your needs. The minimum order is 1 piece.

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Order Process: Buy Pickleball Wholesale

  1. Choose the shape of paddle
    • The shape of the paddle will directly affect the size, catch point and control of the paddle, and will also affect the cost. Refer to the table below:
     Classic ShapesElongated ShapesWidebody Shapes
    SizeAbout 16 inches long, 8 inches wideAbout 16.5 inches long, 7.5 inches wideAbout 15.5 inches long, 8.5 inches wide
    Honeycomb coreCenter, standard sizeMore forward, smaller sizeBack, largest siza
    ControlBalance of flexibility and controlRotation is better, sacrificing some flexibilityBetter flexibility, sacrificing some receiving range
  2. Determine the thickness of paddle
    • There are three thicknesses of 9.8 mm, 13 mm and 16 mm, which can be customized according to customer requirements. The thickness will directly affect the control, power and weight of the paddle.
  3. Select material
      • Surface material:



    Glass Fiber

    • Cheap price
    • Not durable
    • Very heavy
    • Powerful
    • Poor control
    • Very light and thin, the surface is less than 1mm.
    • Responsive and easy to guide ball position
    • Very hard
    • Good control and very durable
    • Expensive
    • Cheap price
    • The most powerful
    • Heavier than carbon fiber
    • Not as strong as other materials

    • Core material: PP core, Nomex core, Aluminum core
    • The best-selling material is glass fiber + PP core, glass fiber + Nomex core. The better quality is carbon fiber material, carbon fiber + PP core, carbon fiber + Nomex core, which has a higher price than glass fiber + PP core. The aluminum core is easy to break, so it is not recommended to order it.
    • The shape, thickness and material, including surface pictures of the paddle, all support personalized design. You can communicate details with us according to your personal preferences or club icons, and we also provide graphic design services.
  4. Pick printing technology
    • You may choose 7 different methods to customize pickleball paddles, UV printing, Diamond texture, 3K woven texture, Edgeless, High tech rough surface, Sandpaper oil-covered rough face, or Carbon fiber raw material rough face. UV printing tends to be a bit more economical and designs are a bit more simple. UV printing will often take advantage of the print process and include a photograph, a custom color (or even patterned!) background, a logo with several colors, or in general, the possibilities are endless with UV printing.)
  5. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
    • The minimum order quantity for each product is 1 piece, the smaller the minimum order quantity, the more expensive the price usually will be.
  6. Request a Quote
    • After confirming the above information, you can request a quotation from us.
  7. Payment and Pre-production Samples
    • After you confirm the order or sample order, we will immediately make the final pre-production samples for your review.
    • Payment method: When placing an order, a 40% deposit is required in advance. You can go to the factory to conduct inspection before delivery. We can also take photos and videos for you to check quickly. After paying the balance of 60%, we will arrange delivery.
  8. Production Delivery Time
    • For common materials, orders of less than 50 pieces will generally be completed within 7-10 working days, and orders of 50,000 pieces will take about 15-20 working days. If there are very urgent goods, we will give priority to producing such items. For special material and color orders, it may take more than 20 working days.


Production Technology

CNC Laser Cutting, Integral Molding

Using the most advanced CNC cutting technology, the products are formed integrally, the loss of raw materials is minimized, and the product error is less than 0.01 mm. The multifunctional composite mold can automatically add and delete products, and the cold pressing technology can maximize the processing accuracy and eliminate invisible damage inside the core material, effectively ensuring the consistency of product performance.

Production Process:

Cutting of carbon cloth material – CNC cutting – Punching of core material – Finishing composite fiber surface – Composite paddle handle – Heat curing of paddle – Cleaning of paddle edges – Cleaning of paddle surface – Paddle surface refinishing – UV printing – Checking appearance – Automatic dispensing – Shaping of protection strip – Detection of protection strip removal – Installation of the handle and back cover – Wrapping of handle grip – Addition of shrink film – Cleaning of paddle appearance – Weighing and sorting – Branding of hanging card.

Customer Evaluation


We compared dozens of pickleball wholesalers and finally chose to cooperate with Pickleballbyyou, who provide amazing efficiency and high-quality cooperation. Not only was the delivery ahead of schedule and the paddle is very good, our team members are very satisfied and look forward to the next cooperation.


Pickleballbyyou is the best pickleball paddle supplier I have ever worked with, they invited us to visit their pickleball paddle factory, and led us to watch the manufacturing process of the paddles, the material is reassuring. So we immediately booked the order and received it smoothly.


It is very convenient to buy bulk pickleball paddles on Pickleballbyyou, everything from quotation, payment, sample, production to delivery is so smooth and fast. We have made a long-term cooperation plan.

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How many pieces of products can I order in batches at one time, and how to calculate the delivery time?

You can order 1 piece to 50,000 pieces at a time. The delivery time needs to be determined according to the construction schedule. For details, you can contact us by email “pickleballbyyou@gmail.com”, and we will reply to you within 24 hours.

How to calculate the discount on the product price for bulk order?

We accept a minimum order of 1 piece. The more pickleball paddles you order, the cheaper our price will be. For specific prices, please contact “pickleballbyyou@gmail.com” for quotations.

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