Basic Pickleball Rules: Help You Quickly Start Pickleball Game

Basic Pickleball Rules: Help you quickly start pickleball game

Pickleball used to be a game for children, three fathers in Washington wanted to keep their restless children entertained, they gathered wooden paddles, a badminton net, and a perforated plastic bag, which became a hybrid sport later. Pickleball is a popular sport in the United States for all ages now, which means you can easily learn it. It is not only fun but also allows your body to get a good workout. Do you want to know what are the basic rules of pickleball? Not complicated at all, this article will take you ten minutes to learn the basic rules of pickleball for beginners in 2022. You can get familiar with pickleball right away!

A few simple pickleball rules for you to understand

Here are a few simple pickleball rules for you to understand, what I’m about to teach you is a simplified version of the basic rules for beginners. This will be a try for you, and if you find it interesting in the future, you can gradually learn more to master it. In general, there are 5 fundamental rules of pickleball.
Pickleball is played on a court with the same dimensions as a badminton court, but players will use the pickleball paddles.

  1. The ball must stay in bounds. This is the same rule as badminton, you have to keep your pickleball in bounds during the game, so remember to control your direction and force.
  2. There must be at least one bounce per side. This rule is due to the elastic material of pickleball. The pickleball must bounce once(but not more than once), on each side of the court, after which you can return the shot.
  3. You must serve at the baseline. When you serve, remember to serve it from the baseline and the back line of the court and serve diagonally.
  4. Your serve cannot land in the no-volley zone. There are 2 no-volley zones on both sides of the court and they are 7 feet from the net. You can enter the no-volley zone, but your serve cannot, so please serve with care.
  5. The game will end at 11,15 or 21 points. Typically the game will be played to 11, the exact score is up to you and your partner, but still, similar to tennis, teams tend to win by 2 points. But anyway, it’s up to you and your partner.

And remember an important rule, only those who serve can score!

5 faults in pickleball

It may sound simple and you’re itching to try it, but hold your horses, you’ll also need to learn about the 5 faults in pickleball, which are common mistakes made by beginners. For a better sense of experience and to be more proficient, please allow me to remind you to read the following 5 tips patiently. According to the five basic rules of Pickleball.

  1. First, beginners often hit the ball before it has bounced, just for a moment, remember to wait for the ball’s bounce, but also, don’t hit the ball after it has bounced on your side more than once.
  2. The second mistake is often the result of being in a hurry, not rushing too far into the non-volley zone to hit the ball, which is often referred to as the kitchen zone.
  3. Third, you don’t have to try to catch the ball when it goes out of bounds. In turn, don’t hit the ball too hard without the skill to make it go out of bounds.
  4. Fourth, if you are going too fast, the ball is likely to hit the net, which is also an error, but if the ball has managed to reach the other side, then it is not considered an error.
  5. Hitting the ball in the galley before the ball bounces will result in a penalty even if you hit the ball with your foot on the line.


If you’ve ever played tennis, you’ll get used to it quickly. If you haven’t, it doesn’t matter. It’s a sport that can be played by old people and young children, and it’s about skill and patience rather than strength.

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