Pickleball Rating: System Defines How To Rate Myself

What is pickleball rating?

Pickleball has its own rating system that you can refer to whether you are a beginner or a professional. There are two different rating systems, they are similar but their current usefulness is different, the 2-digit system is sufficient for beginners, often used by clubs and leagues,the 4-digit system is often used for tournament pairings. And there are five levels, Level1.0 is beginners and Level 5.0 is top players. Are you curious about how good you are at pickleball? Knowing the Pickleball rating system will tell you the answer, and next time you can find a partner of equal skill to enjoy the game with.

2-Digit System (1.0 – 5.0)

The 2-digit system is the legacy rating system. Although it is a legacy system, still used in clubs and leagues, and it is not as accurate as the 4-digit system.

4-digit system (1.000 – 6.999)

The 4-digit system is the “USAPA Tournament Player Rating” (UTPR), it has been adopted since 2019. 4-digit system is obviously much more accurate than the 4-digit system, this system is based on the Elo rating system of chess.

Rating Definitions

Here we mainly introduce the 2-digit ratings, which can be converted according to the table.

4 Digit Rating

2 Digit Rating

1.000 – 1.499


1.500 – 1.999


2.000 – 2.499


2.500 – 2.999


3.000 – 3.499


3.500 – 3.999


4.000 – 4.499


4.500 – 4.999


5.000 – 5.499


Pickleball 1.0

Beginners who have just learned the rules and play of pickleball, but has yet to fully experience the sport.

Pickleball 1.5

Know how to hit and serve, learned more complex rules about scoring, lines, etc. Still has difficulties to hit easy balls frequently.

Pickleball 2.0

Able to sustains short rallies, do basic strokes, learned court positioning and doubles rules.

Pickleball 2.5

​​Able to sustains longer rallies, make most easy shots, hit volleys, hit the ball covers the whole court.

Pickleball 3.0

Able to do very consistent serve and returns,also basic stokes but can’t control it well. Sometimes can do the lobs and dinks.

Pickleball 3.5

Able to return fast-paced shots, more control and variety in the game, play aggressively in non-volley zone. Know some strategies of doubles play.

Pickleball 4.0

Play well both forehand and backhand strokes. Able to use spin, lobs and drop well. Sometimes lose rallies. Play aggressively in doubles play. Demonstrates 3rd shot strategies.

Pickleball 4.5

Master placement, spin and 3rd shot choices. Very flexible serve(speed, spin), position and style. Good shot selection.

Pickleball 5.0

Master all the shots, also the placement is accurate. Master 3rd shot strategy, dinks and dropshots, style, strategy.


Hopefully this guide will help you in future games! Enjoy the game!

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